World's First Dual Foldable Smartphone

We have already seen two new foldable smartphones this year, one from Royale and second from Samsung which is scheduled to launch on 20 February. Both these phones fold like a book but Xiaomi's dual fold Smartphone is different.

World's First Dual Foldable Smartphone

Xiaomi's Co-founder and President, Lin Bin posted a video on social media in which he is using Xiaomi's dual Flex Smartphone prototype. The video demonstrates how the upcoming Xiaomi device might function.

The new video shows how a tablet can be fold from both sides to convert into a smartphone. The device has 2:3 aspect ratio in a tablet mode and when folded it has 3:4 aspect ratio. Xiaomi didn't reveal any other specification about this phone.

We will update you further when we get more information on this device, till then Follow Gizmo India for more Tech news. What's your opinion about this phone let us know in the comments section below.

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